Choose the Right Demolition Hammer for your Project with These 3 Tips

18 July 2017
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Demolition hammers are valuable pieces of equipment in the construction industry. They are designed with enough power to tear down buildings and walls in demolition projects. They can take out some of the strongest buildings and constructions including concrete structures. However, they are different in terms of size and power. Different constructions have different demolition demands based on their size, nature of material used, foundation systems, environmental conditions in the area, and even the age of the construction. Getting the right demolition hammer is quite necessary to ensure that your project is completed efficiently. Here are factors to help you select the right tool for the job.

Nature of Material Used

The type and strength of material used to create walls and pillars has a wide effect on the type of demolition hammer to be used. For weak construction materials, you may consider a larger and blunt demolition hammer to get the job done. For tough building materials, you need smaller, strong, and sharper demolition hammer. Smaller points exert more pressure on a small place, which make it easy to penetrate the tough material. Weaker walls may not need as much pressure as they can be pulled down easily with a wider surface.

The Amount of Job on Site

The amount of demolition job on site will determine the type of hammer chosen in order to withstand the pressure to the end without getting spoiled. When working on small areas, you may enjoy the luxury of using a larger demolition hammer. Larger bits exert a smaller pressure, hence quite useful for smaller areas that only require the least amount of mess possible. If you choose a tiny bit, it may take out smaller chunks which may eventually cause a major crumbling. Larger demolition hammers are able to take out larger areas giving you a chance to pull constructions materials apart with hands after breaking.

The Site Being Demolished

The area to be demolished has a lot say about the type of hammer chosen. Certain areas may be easy to attack, whereas others may need a lot of work to pull the structure down. Areas like unobstructed floors and walls that are completely open will be easy to demolish. On the other hand, areas that have a lot of portioning may be complicated and difficult to demolish. Demolition hammers will, therefore, come in more interesting shapes and designs. Some may be shaped like tubes while others like skinny spades. All these types work with specific areas. Consult with your local home improvement centre to get the right tool for your demolition structure.