How to Distinguish Between Rising and Penetrating Damp

18 December 2019
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Many older homes feature a basement that may have been used as a storage facility over the years. Due to some expansion plans, however, some people may decide to take advantage of the space and may plan to renovate it so that they can add a functional room for their growing family. Unfortunately, they may find a certain amount of deterioration and water damage that appears to be pervasive. In this case, they will want to know if they are suffering from rising damp or penetrative damp before they proceed. Read More 

Is Residential Demolition The Right Course Of Action For You?

20 August 2019
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Demolition is not commonly associated with residential houses. As a homeowner, whether you bought your house or built it from scratch, the thought of demolishing your property has probably never crossed your mind. However, some scenarios would warrant a demolition project. And you may even be surprised to learn that opting for demolition over other solutions could be the best decision that you have made both in terms of the result and in terms of the cost! Read More 

How to Deal With Water Damage to a Decorative Cornice

31 December 2018
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If you live in an older home that was built before the time where every process was mechanised, then you may enjoy some of the decorative skills employed by tradesmen and plasterers from "back in the day." The edge of the plaster ceiling in your living room is adorned with a cornice and may have an elaborate pattern as a way of adding character to the room itself. However, you're facing a significant problem with this ceiling, as you've recently had a flooding event. Read More 

Repair or Replace? How to Deal with Damaged Facility Doors

29 May 2018
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If you are a facility manager, do you sometimes feel as if you need to have eyes in the back of your head so that you can keep an eye out for vandals, corner-cutting employees or other mischief makers? You may have CCTV cameras dotted around your facility, but they can't capture every misdeed and from time to time you will have to dig into your corporate pocket to make some significant repairs. Read More 

Two Tips To Prevent Foundation Failure In Your New Home

20 September 2017
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The Queensland first home buyer's grant is a $20,000 incentive to purchase a new home and land package. You have taken advantage of this financial bonus, and move-in day is just around the corner. Since you have not lived in Brisbane before, you may not be aware of the types of weather you can expect. Brisbane suffers from periods of both drought and very wet weather. Since both of these weather extremes impact on the foundation of your new home, you must know how to protect your new home's foundations from needing an expensive repair. Read More