Is Your Warehouse Floor Starting To Show SIgns Of Aging? Don't Wait; Call An Expert Now

18 March 2021
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Warehouses can take a lot of punishment before they start to show any signs of wear and tear. From heavy machinery getting driven the floor across on a daily basis to corrosive materials coming into contact with it, there are a dozen ways your warehouse's foundations are assaulted on a daily basis. The problem many warehouse owners get themselves into is putting off any warehouse floor repairs and maintenance because they incorrectly assume that the damage will always be easy to fix or that it is no big deal. Here are three common signs of warehouse floor damage that indicate you need immediate repairs or the damage could get much worse.


Delamination is a very dangerous process by which concrete begins to separate into layers, which causes the whole area to become less structurally sound. It may appear like just a small pothole or a bit of scratching, but over time, this will get much more intense. Delamination can be countered through correct warehouse floor repairs and maintenance, but it does require an expert eye to fully diagnose and choose the right course of action, whether that be grinding or repouring concrete. Without immediate action, however, this could be the beginning of a long and very costly road to repair, so don't let it get to that stage.

Joint Splitting

Concrete slabs and different zones of your warehouse will often have joints that are quite visible. These are very safe if they have been well-made and looked after, but the problem is that this is generally the weakest part of the floor. If there is an issue in the structural stability of the warehouse floor, this is usually where it starts. If you notice cracking, chipping, potholes, cement dust or anything else coming from the joints, then do not waste any time. These problems and other problems to do with your warehouse floor only get worse as time goes by and can do serious damage to your vehicles when they drive over them.


Cracks can occur in any concrete slab at any time for a variety of reasons. Sometimes cracks are not a big problem, but it is important that you get your cracks diagnosed by a professional damage contractor in this field. To the naked eye, a crack in the concrete might look very sturdy, but an expert might see the potential risk of further damage and splitting. Regular servicing of your floor is the only way to make sure these cracks do not go unnoticed. 

To learn more, contact a resource that offers warehouse floor repairs and maintenance.